Featured RIDEr Transformation: Mika

Oct 21st, 2013

Featured RIDEr Transformation: Mika


RIDER Transformation: Mika

Guilty of looking AMAZING! Just see for yourself!

We had the pleasure of interviewing our featured RIDEr Mika, and wanted to share this inspirational interview with all of our friends!

What made you want to start spinning at RIDE?

I decided that I needed to get back into shape after having my 2nd child and needed something structured with lots of scheduled class options to fit into my busy schedule. RIDE was perfect since they offer lots of classes at different times of the day.

How has your life changed since starting spinning at RIDE?

I have become a true fitness enthusiast all because of RIDE. It sparked a desire to get healthy and fit. Besides going to RIDE several times a week, I have also started running and have a personal trainer for strength training. Also, this is setting a great example for my children. My older daughter is now even participating in her school’s running club.

Describe a typical day for you for our RIDErs.

My day starts early, at 6am, as I have to get to work early. I try to squeeze in work outs during my lunch hour as much as possible; therefore I do my short runs 2x a week. When I get home from work, I have to do homework with my kids, cook dinner for the family and do general house work. I also try to get to a class at RIDE at least 2x a week either in the evening or in the morning before work. This makes for very long days, but there is nothing like starting your day with RIDE! Because my weekdays are so busy with work, kids and small workouts, I do long runs on Saturdays. I get up extra early and get my runs in before my children even wake up. This past weekend I ran 10 miles before anyone was even awake.

Like you, a lot of our RIDErs are working mothers; can you tell us what your favorite healthy meal on the go is?

Favorite meal by far is chicken breast with grilled vegetables. It’s simple, full of protein and you can easily get this anywhere.

Do you have a favorite instructor at RIDE? If so, who and why?

I love Claire! Her energy is amazing and super contagious! I take her classes on Friday mornings at 6am and leave the studio ready to conquer the world. “We start strong and finish strong” has become my motto!

Besides spinning, what other types of exercise do you recommend to RIDErs?

I would recommend running. I have really seen a difference with adding spin and running into my fitness regime.

What is your favorite part of spinning at RIDE?

I absolutely love the music and the energy it creates. Music is very important for me and has made a difference between a good and bad workout. The instructors at RIDE put a lot of effort into pulling together a good and motivational playlist.

Tell our RIDers a fun fact about you

I just completed my first race and am now training for a ½ marathon.

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